We are a group of families who have organized English lessons for our children. Most our families are bi-cultural with one parent who is Japanese and the other a native English speaker. We all have a strong interest in promoting English literacy in our children.



About the Lessons

We currently offer four different lesson levels to perspective students. Each lesson is taught by a professional teacher with a curriculum developed for the class. The ages of our students range from 4 to 11+ years old and each class has approximately 10 students.

Lessons are held on Saturday mornings with actual starting time and class length dependent on the lesson level. We hold between 10 and 12 classes per semester - approximate semester cost is 18,000-20,000JPY.

Yoyogi Chapters operates as a non-profit group but we are committed to paying our teachers competitive rates, providing for a local facility to meet and related teaching materials. Because of this we have a "no-refund policy" which states that if a child starts a semester but has to stop attending for any reason we will not be able to offer a refund for any missed lessons.


Our Experience

Yoyogi Chapters was founded over 10 years ago by a small group of parents interested in promoting English literacy in their children. Since the beginning we have received positive feedback from parents and children which has allowed us to increase the amount of classes and curriculum depth. 

It should be understood that just one lesson of English per week is insufficient to fully develop the English abilities in our children. We regard these lessons as an important catalyst for further English activities in the home. Although, our focus is the English lesson itself, children and parents alike enjoy the social side of the group which includes book swaps, Halloween parties, Easter egg hunts and more.

Want to Learn More?

We do ask that parents interested in Yoyogi Chapters understand that your child must be able to speak some level of English and that there are prerequisites in terms of reading and writing ability for our higher level classes.

We manage a waiting list for each class and children will be expected to to meet with one of our teachers and take a English level test prior to joining a class.

We hold our weekly classes at the Yoyogi Furiai Kaikan in Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 1-37-10. The closest stations are Yoyogi JR line, Yoyogi Sobu line and Yoyogi Uedo line which are all less then a 5 minute walk away. Additionally, Minami Shinjuku, Odakyu line is less then a 7 minute walk from our location. 

If you are interested in your child joining or would like more information about Yoyogi Chapters please send an email to the following address - thank you.

Email: yoyogichapters@gmail.com


Recruiting for PLUS ALPHA - a class for bilingual/bicultural middle-schoolers


Yoyogi Chapters’ Plus Alpha (+As) is a class for bilingual/bicultural middle-schoolers from 11+ years, who want to read and write English too. We are recruiting 2 more students for our September 2018 session. Please contact Annette with questions or to arrange a trial lesson - alkarseras@gmail.com

KnowHow: Students have the desire/motivation to improve their ability to:- 

-1- Express an idea in a presentation or structured writing 

-2- Read a basic chapter book/website (possibly with the aid of reading devices/technology)

-3- Share personal opinions, discuss different points of view, negotiate win-win options

Teacher: Stacey Isomura is a qualified international school teacher and one of the founders of this Yoyogi Chapters parent-let community, now entering its second decade.

Parents: Classes are supported by students' parents who rotate as class liaison, wait list coordinator, tech support, treasurer, key pick up, events manager, book swap coordinator, etc. Roles are decided each term at Yoyogi Chapters General Meeting.

Fees: Teacher + Expenses / number of students = Non-profit (Drop-in & Core-student fees available)

What does PLUS Alphα (+a) mean?

The Japanese-English phrase ‘Plus Alphα’  (PU-RA-SU A-RU-FA, プラスアルファ, +α) means un certain je ne sais quois (a certain something extra-special).Yoyogi Chapters helps our kids tap their international 'extra’ potential!